Jingliks ep. 03:

Production Company: Open Alliance Media

I am proud to be a part of OAM animators staff!

Ogni Santo Giorno - Every Blessed Day

Ogni santo giorno / Every blessed day

Production Companies: Maga Animation Studio
Written By: Guglielmo Fiamma
Directed by: Giorgio Bellasio

I am proud to present you my latest short / animated series pilot: Every blessed day.

Enjoy it and please, share!

Extreme Football 2 Rue: layout
Production Companies: Télé Images Productions / Maga Animation Studio
Director: Franck Michel IMDb

As Head of layout of this production I tried to put the layout process one step further.
I personally developed with Maga RnD department the camera tools allowing to fulfill
the director's expectations.
By providing a highly detailed layout, we offered to the production the best quality

min. 25 sec. per day required

Hereunder a couple of sequences made by me: enjoy!

Extreme Football 2 Rue: LAYOUT Ep4 first sequence from Giorgio Bellasio on Vimeo.

Extreme Football 2 Rue: LAYOUT Ep15 last sequence from Giorgio Bellasio on Vimeo.

This is another sample from my friend and colleague Paolo De Murtas:

Layout Reel 2014 from Paolo De Murtas on Vimeo.
Sky-Fastweb HomePack commercial:
Post Production Company: Toboga 
I have animated the musketeers in every shot.

Shaded version:

Hyundai i20 commercial:
Post Production Company: XLR8 
I have animated the robot in every shot.